The Story of Annabel Bleu

Hello and thank you for visiting Annabel Bleu!

My Grandmother's name is Annabel, her favorite color is Blue, and we like to eat Bleu cheese and apple slices together in her kitchen 🙂
She has always had a beautifully decorated house, and we like to pick out fabrics together for Annabel Bleu!

Annabel & Alyssa at the High Point Fabric Market

I began sewing when I was 6 years old, and I have always LOVED fabric. Sewing doll clothes with my grandmother is one of my favorite memories. I am a NICU Nurse, and during Nursing school I ran a sewing school out of my home with 56 students of all ages. After being a nurse for several years I decided to re-embrace my creative side and I started to make and sell pillows online. Within 6 months, I was sewing in every spare minute, and needed to hire professional help! I began to hire factory-trained seamstresses to work for me from their own homes. It is the best feeling in the world to help someone out of a factory work environment, and pay them what they truly deserve for each and every item. 

These days I work as a NICU nurse just a few shifts a month, and I spend the rest of my time designing, photographing, cutting, coordinating, and shipping pillows! My studio is my favorite place to be, surrounded by all kinds of great fabrics and trims. 

To all of our lovely Clients, Thank you so much for supporting our small business!

Love Alyssa, Annabel, Irina, Lina, Alicia, and Sara!