The Perfect Guest Room


     Designing the perfect guest room can be the most exciting and rewarding room to plan in the entire house. I mean, where else can you throw practicality and functionality out of the window and focus on charm + comfort? Here are a few tips to consider while planning a little escape haven for your family and friends. Happy Decorating!
     Because it’s out of the way and not used as frequently as the rest of the house, the guest room is the perfect place to express yourself with a unique color palette, funky wallpaper, or eccentric piece of furniture. Renting a home doesn’t mean you need to skip the look of wallpaper- consider hanging hemmed fabric panels floor-to-ceiling from curtain rods, on the wall behind the headboard. 


Write your color scheme down where it’s easy to reference, and focus on finding those colors in art (local-themed art is a fun touch), lamps, and textiles. Cool colors are considered restful, but it’s good to pick a bright, rich color for 3-4 items to amplify the personality of the space. 


     Even when it's open to the room, a canopy bed feels like a mini room within the guest bedroom. Once you're beneath it, you're surrounded by a framework that has the feeling of seclusion and privacy. Consider a DIY canopy around the entire bed or even just framing the head of the bed. 


     If you don’t have the greatest mattress, a few things can make it seem like you do! The first thing you need is good pillows. It’s a good idea to provide a pair of goose down pillows and a pair of Faux-down pillows in case your guests have allergies. 
     Next is the sheets: in cold climates you may want to opt for flannel or brushed cotton sheets. The finest cotton sheets are Egyptian cotton, woven and crafted in Italy. 
     A final touch of luxury (and the perfect remedy for a less-than-ideal mattress) is a featherbed topping. We love to use the sheets and featherbeds from Au Lit Fine Linens:
     Other thoughtful details to include are extra blankets, warm slippers, and local books. Provide your guests with local guidebooks and other information about the area. Often guests come to visit but hosts can’t drop everything to hang out with them every day of their stay. So these books help them find things to do on their own during the day, and then the hosts can rejoin their guests for dinner. 

Pampa, AU throw blankets:

     Gourmet instant coffee packets and special creamers are a good thing to have stashed in the drawer of the nightstand in case you’re away from home when your guests wake up. Include a universal USB charger and an empty power strip within easy reach. A basket of travel-size toothpaste, mouth wash, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, disposable razors, floss, & packets of single-dose pain relievers are helpful to have on hand. 
     Hopefully this guide helps you create a lovely cozy place for your guests, enjoy your company and Happy Decorating! 
Alyssa @ Annabel Bleu 

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